Allotrope Medical uses proprietary low powered electrical stimulation to generate a visible contraction in the ureter and other smooth muscle structures during minimally invasive and robotic surgery.

Leveraging natural physiology as well as visual cues that surgeons are trained to look for, our device elicits a full length visible contraction of the ureter even if hidden behind other tissues including scar tissue. No matter where along the length of the ureter it is stimulated, a contraction can be generated allowing for immediate identification so that the surgeon can proceed with their operation safely, quickly, and while providing the best care they can for their patient.

Our StimSite system allows the surgeon to safely and easily switch between electrocautery signals from their standard electrosurgical generators and our smooth muscle stimulation signal. From the surgeon’s side, there are no new instruments added to the surgical field, and our technology becomes seamlessly built in to their laparoscopic instruments as an added feature never before had.